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We Turn Your Old Appliances Into New Ones

We have partnered with professional appliance teams across Ontario to provide honest and top quality service to our residential customers. Work with us today to see how we can solve your needs.

Should You Replace It Or Repair It?

Whether you live in a house or a condo, the first challenge that we face is whether we should replace our appliance with a new one, or hire a professional technician to repair our existing one. 

This is a tough situation especially since both can cost a lot when you factor in the time it takes to buy, ship and install a new appliance or repair your current one where you have to buy additional parts to get it working again.

It's this challenge that allowed us to help show homeowners the cost-benefit of repairing it before replacing it as a last resort. We want to stand out in the appliance repair industry by being trusted advisers versus just 'servicemen'.

Work with us today and we will provide you a free honest estimate on your repair or install. If you need a appliance part, simply click the parts section above.

Kitchen & Laundry Service

Why We Are A Trusted Service Team?


Forget about trying to replace your appliance because of an issue, we first need to ensure that we can repair it first, and that it will save you time and money in the long run. At Bluemonte Appliance we ensure your problem can be solved over the phone through simple tweaks and save you the hassle and money.


Education is key to helping to show homeowners why you charge the way you do, and showing them how they can make simply repairs by doing it themselves. You could save yourself a lot by watching Youtube videos and buying the right repair tools plus parts. If the problem is big, don't worry we are here to help.

Customer Experience

The experience we create for our customers is crucial for future business and to help show them they've made the right decision. We deeply value our brand and the image associated with it, which is why we will go above and beyond to help ensure our customers are happy and satisfied with our service.

Your Appliance Repair Service

Appliances were built to help us live an easier life, so we can spend more time with our families, work and hobbies and less time cleaning and cooking.

Although there's a cost associated with saving this time and making things more convenient for us, there are times when appliances can give us headaches because of how much it can cost to buy a good quality appliance, with warranty and installation, and hoping it won't break down leaving us to repair it.

The appliance repair industry is absolutely massive, due to its low barrier to entry and volume of business. With this low barrier to entry also comes with low quality technicians and teams who don't provide top tier service, or even install good quality parts because it helps them increase their margins.

This is a typical strategy but unfortunately is not the best way to do business. There are many good quality repair companies including ourselves that cares so much about keeping a good name to our brand that the last thing we would want for our customers is a negative experience. We want to educate our customers on how they can repair their appliances, or if they decide to hire a repairman ensure they are not paying 2-3x more because of appliance parts.

To save you on these parts is why we provide and deliver parts.

Your Appliance Parts Supply

Repairing is just one piece of the equation. Insuring the right parts are installed in your appliance is everything that you need to bring confidence that your kitchen or laundry machine will last much longer, before even considering purchasing, delivering and installing a new appliance.

This is why we always ask the questions "Should I replace it or repair it?". This is an important question to ask yourself, and if you decide to repair it how do I know if I can trust the company that is servicing my repairs.

We built our repair estimates based on honesty and transparency. We are professional in the way we reveal our prices, the parts we use, the estimated time of completion and how long we expect the appliance to last before buying a new one.

The best part is when it comes to buying a new appliance, we can help guide you through some common questions you should ask when talking with the Appliance Consultant at your local retail store. 

So which ever route you decide to go, make sure you understand why you are being charged such a high fee and dig deep to understand more about your urgent needs.

Your Appliance Install Service

Installations are not common, but can be a hassle with certain appliance types like dishwashers. The good thing is when your appliance is shipped to your home we will be there on the same day helping out to install your appliance to ensure everything is working efficiently and no issues that may occur in the future.

We will bring all our tools with us just in case that your kitchen or laundry appliance is installed and it still doesn't work, we will be there to repair it right away to prevent having to complain and bring the appliance back to the retail store to get it fixed.

While we also help with installations, we also help with the removal of old appliances that need to be carefully taken out of your home. When we remove the old appliances we help install the new ones.

Need help with delivery as well, we got you covered. We help out with new homeowners who are moving in and bringing their appliances along with them. Its heavy lifting so be careful if you decide to do it on your home.

Give us a call and we will let you know if this is a job our team is prepared to face.

Here are Bluemonte Appliance, we work with almost any major brand which means when you give us a call, regardless of the appliance we will have the right tools, know how to handle the appliance with the right repairs, and have confidence in shipping the right parts.

With our current services, we are able to repair, install, ship and sell parts to ensure your appliance is working properly and lasts you a long time without having to replace it anytime soon.

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