Bluemonte Appliance: One Of The Few Repair Companies that Offers Quick & Quality Repairs, At An Affordable Price

We Believe In Honesty, Trust, And Professionalism

If you are receiving quotes by other repair companies, there is a few things they hide from you that you need to know as a homeowner.

It was these reasons which allowed us to win by being more transparent and providing a positive customer experience. This allowed us to have a advantage in the industry where we built on business on referrals and honest marketing.

You see the appliance repair industry has come to the point where they can charge whatever they want, and you as a homeowner will not be able to understand if you paid a fair price.

You may be overcharged and realize “I guess this is what everyone pays” when in reality if you are thinking this, you most likely had paid too much.

This is not to target anyone or company but to make you understand that while you might receive a honest quote on the phone or by email the hidden fees will appear once the job is actually done.

This can include appliance parts, which is the easiest way for a technician to beef up their prices causing you to pay more.

If you are not receiving true transparency over the phone or in person becareful what you get yourself into.

Positive reviews and a high Google rating doesn’t always cut it, which is why we focus on a positive customer experience and ensure the client understand what and why he is being charged.

This is why we have made it our mission to focus on honesty, transparency,, and effective communication.

Our vision is to become well known across major cities in Ontario at a pace that won’t affect the quality of services we offer homeowners.

Bluemonte Appliance offers repairs, parts, installs and is expanding to provide you physical appliances to ship it straight to your home.

By educating homeowners we can help them make better appliance decisions, help them repair their own ‘broken’ appliances, and even make the right purchase from a retail or online store.

Thank you for the read,