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Refrigerator Parts

Air Filter

Your refrigerator air filters are responsible for allowing a consistent air flow both in and out of your fridge, to clean out any odors that come from your foods, as well as prevent contaminants and bacteria from building onto your food. This is why your fridge smells fresh!

Water Filter

Refrigerator water filters are used to filter out any remaining water contamination’s from your water supply. Give the example of a water filter we use over the tap for drinking purposes, the same thing applies to water filters, when we drink it from the fridge.

Drawer Support

Drawers available at the bottom section of the fridge to hold your vegetables and meats.

Meat Pan

The meat drawer is located at the bottom of the fridge also known as the crisper drawer, which is the coldest area used to store meat products like ham slices.

Fridge Screw

Have some loose pieces in your fridge? We provide screw types for all major appliance brands.

Fridge Spring

Fridge springs are used for the opening and closing of both fridge and freezer doors.


The thermistor is sort of like a monitoring system that keeps the refrigerator to keep its internal temperature within a certain range. For example during its cooling cycle the thermistor will allow that to happen and know when its time for the cooling cycle to end.


A deodorizer is used along with the air filter to remove contaminants and bad food odors that might appear.  

Light Bulb

Can’t see inside the fridge? Your lightbulb must be out! We provide LED light bulbs and regular light bulbs for all major fridge types.

Shelf Retainer

This is the piece of your fridge which is present on the sides of the shelves. These are used for sealing purposes with drawers, and to provide a less rigid edge for your shelves.

Ice Maker

If you use your fridge for ice, and it stops working or is producing low quantities of ice, you will need to focus your attention on the ice maker. The ice maker is responsible for producing large quantities of ice cubes which then gets dispensed from your fridge.

Water Filter Cap

The water filter cap is used with your fridges water filter, and is located at the bottom of your fridge. If its broken or cracked, this will need to be replaced. Once you take out the water filter, remove the cap and replace it with a new one.

Closing Cam

The closing cam is the piece which allows your fridge door to rotate at the very top and bottom of your door, and holds the door open. If your door feels lose or isn’t properly closing, replace this piece to prevent further damage to your door.

Fridge Adhesive

A fridge adhesive is used for cases where your refrigerator appliance door continues to open, or the drawer won’t close without sliding out. Its an attachment piece used when you close your door, but it opens. Although there is definitely another issue causing this, the adhesive acts almost like a temporary bandaid.

Door Shelf Bin

Is your door shelf bin cracked, or falling off when you open the fridge. We provide many door shelf binds and closing cams for your door shelf bin.

Crisper Drawer

Similar to the meat pan, it is located at the bottom of the fridge which is also the coldest area of the fridge, used to store many meat products.

Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve is used in refrigerators to allow for the release of water from the water filter to the ice maker assembly. This allows for a control of ice production so it doesn’t overflow, and a clean source of water from the filter.

Snap Retaining Ring

The retainer ring is used on the side of the fridge for helping seal the fridge when closed. Usually seen as a circular metal piece.

Touch-up Paint

Touch up paint for any scratched or dents that you see in or out of your fridge/freezer.

Evaporator Fan Motor

Located at the back of the fridge, its used to blow air to allow for cooled air circulation. 

Fridge Stud

The fridge stud is used to hold your fridge shelves and prevent it from falling. 

Washer Parts

Washer Cleaner

A washer cleaner or Affresh cleaner is a tablet that foams in your washer to break apart residue buildup and cleans it leaving your washer smelling good and looking fresh.

Drain Pump Motor

The drain pump motor is what allows the water to drain when the washer is cycling. If this has a problem, your washer will start to leak or not drain the water properly.

Clutch Assembly

A clutch assembly in a washer allows the basket to spin along with the spinning motor when it is running. 

Lid Latch Assembly

The lid latch allows the washer lid to be sealed and locked during a washing cycle. If you notice there’s an issue, check your lid latch.

Washer Lid Switch

The lid switch is a switch which signals the washer when it can enter a new cycle. If you notice your washer stopping randomly, this could be a reason.

Pump & Drive Belt Kit

The drive belt kit is used to fix the belt which is attached to the spinning motor. If the belts broken, there is no more spinning.

Drive Washer Motor

The drive washer motor allows all the action to happen by spinning the basket which has your clothes in it. If your clothes are not washed properly, look into this appliance part.

Washer Striker

A door striker is used if the door won’t open or shut. If your replace your broken striker with a new one you should hear a click when the door is shut. This is common with many front washers.

Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve is what connects the hoses to control the flow and temperature of your water coming in, and coming out. If you see not enough water coming in, it might be cause of the valve. 

Cam Agitator

The cam agitator is the center piece you see in almost all washers. If your center piece is not agitating properly, you might need to replace it.

Washer Door Lock

Door not locking properly in your washer? Purchase a door lock and switch assembly to fix this problem.

Drain Hose

Drain hose drain the water after a cycle is finished. After the cycle is complete the water drains into a standpipe. If you notice your washer is having draining issues, you might want to take a look into the drain hose.

Agitator Dogs

An agitator dog is seen at the bottom of the center piece near the cam agitator. It has a teeth like structure which holds the agitator to allow for a consistent motion which helps with the moving of clothes throughout the cycle.

Washer Seal

The washer seal is to prevent water from leaking during the spin cycle. Because water is splashing everywhere during a cycle, the seal keeps everything inside.

Bearing Ball

The bearing ball is used to reduce any friction during spin cycles in a washer. Without bearing balls the spin cycles will feel rigid and rough.

Knob Clip

Is your washing machine knob not working, or broken? Replace it with a new knob clip assembly.

Tub Wrench & Bearing

The tub bearing is the piece which connects to the spinning motor. If you are finding that the washing machine isn’t spinning and the motor is working fine, look into the tub bearing.

Suspension Rod Kit

The suspension rod kit is what holds the basket and keeps it from being unstable especially when it is loaded with clothes. Usually load noises from your washer is a result of a broken suspension rod.

Dishwasher Parts

Affresh Washer Cleaner

This product is a tablet used in dishwashers to clean and remove residue and dirt that causes bad odor and clogs up the drainage system.

Silverware Basket

If you need a new silverware basket to hold your utensils you can purchase one based on your dishwashers size.

Door Balance Link Kit

This is present in dishwashers to prevent the door from going down fast. It supports it as you open and close your dishwasher.

Spray Arm

This is the part of the dishwasher that releases and sprays water and is constantly rotating to clean your dishes and utensils.

Dishwasher Chopper

If you notice food clogging up in your dishwasher this might be due to a broken chopper. The chopper is used to break apart the food that is left on your dishes, and it helps to prevent food buildup. 

Gasket & Strike Kit

The gasket is the part of the dishwasher that will prevent water from leaking which it is cycling.

Adjuster Kit

The adjuster is the kit used to hold the racking so you can easily slide in and slide out the racks.

Lower Dishrack Wheel

The lower dish rack wheel is in place on the lower racks to make sliding it out and in very easy.

Water Inlet Valve

This part is what allows water to enter the dishwasher which enters the spray arm to spray water for dish cleaning.

Splash Shield Kit

Used in dishwashers to prevent the spray arm from splashing water so it doesn’t enter the cracks near the door which is fully sealed.

Tub Corner Baffle

Located at the bottom of your dishwasher door when you open it up. This helps prevent water leakage and helps with the support of the door.

Thermal Fuse

Is used for safety precautions to prevent you from using the buttons and changing the settings.

Tub Gasket

Acts as a seal around the door to prevent water leakage when the dishwasher is running.

Dishwasher Heater

This heating system is what allows the water to go up in temperature. Hot water makes it easier to clean dirty dishes. If you are experiencing cold water there might be an issue with your dishwasher heating elements.

Rack Slide End Cap

Dishwasher racking end cap pieces to prevent the rack from falling off the slider. 

Roller & Stud Assembly

Rolling system to allow your rack to slide in and out of the dishwasher.

Lower Dishrack Wheel

Dishwasher wheels for your bottom rack. If your racking system isn’t sliding in and out you will need to replace them.

Dishwasher Roller Kit

The full roller kit you need to replace your racking sliders in your washer.

Dryer Parts

Dryer Lint Filter

The lint filter is used to catch all the small fabric particles you find coming of clothes due to the high temperature in the dryer.

Dryer Heating Element

This heating element is what turns direct current electricity into thermal energy which is heat. This heat is used in the dryer to dry your wet clothes.

Dryer Cycling Thermostat

The cycling thermostat is what controls and regulates temperatures in your dryer.

Control Knob

The control knob allows you to set temperatures, time duration’s, etc. on your dryer.

Timer Knob Assembly

The timer knob assembly is what provides the time duration that you want for your dryer. If this knob breaks, we have replacements.

Dryer Thermal Fuse

This thermal fuse is what helps regulate temperatures so it doesn’t increase to a heat that could cause fire hazards.

Dryer Drum Belt

The dryer belt is connected to the spinning motor which allows the basket to spin. If this belt is broken or starts to harden, you will need to replace it.

Dryer Thermal Cut Off Kit

This cuts of the dryers heating elements and helps regulate it so it doesn’t reach higher temperatures and ruin your clothes and other dryer parts.

Rear Drum Support Roller

This drum support roller is what allows the dryer to smoothly rotate and not fumble.

Dryer Igniter Kit & Bracket

This igniter kit and bracket is what allows for the high temperatures you find in a dryer during cycle.

Dryer Repair Kit

This is the dryers full repair kit you need for basic changes.

Gas Valve Coil Kit

This gas valve coil is what helps spread the heat within a dryer during a spin cycle. It also includes a thermal regulator and ignitor.

Drum Support Roller

This helps support the drum roller as it rotates to provide less resistance.

Door Latch Kit

The door latch kit is what allows the dryer to lock in as the dryer is running.

Rear Drum Bearing Kit

The bearings are small balls which help with a smooth spin cycle which create less resistance as the drum and motor turns.

Oven Range Parts

Oven Bake Element

Is the bottom coil element that heats up the oven. If your bottom element is not heating up you will need to replace this bake element.

Light Bulb

If your light is not turning on when you open your oven, you will need to replace the bulb.

Round Style Oven

This is seen in gas ranges that helps with ignition.

Rear Drawer Glide

This rear drawer glide is seen with many ranges when opening and closing your range.

Flat Style Oven Igniter

Oven igniter used most commonly with flat style ovens. This igniter is what lets the oven heat.

Temperature Sensor Kit

This temperature sensor kit is all the tools you need to fix your sensor to control the change in temperature levels.

Oven Igniter

Another oven igniter for range types.

Broiler Igniter

Broiler igniter is what allows your oven to cook the food from all different angles. Its a powerful heating element at high temperatures.

Burner Receptable Kit

This is a powerful outlet used in electric ranges to control the flow of electricity when heating up your surface elements.

Stove Cook-top Parts

Large & Small Drip Pan

For a lot of the old stove appliances that require coils and drip pans, we offer new drip pans to prevent food from falling in.

Surface Element

If you coil surface element is having issues we provide brand new ones at your doorstep.

Stove Igniter

Stove igniters are for gas stoves that release sparks to get the gas to catch the flames. Similar to a lighter.

Top Burner Receptacle Kit

The burner receptacle kit is a outlet that is used to produce electrical charge in electric stoves. This full kit will provide you everything you will need.

Element Switch

This switch is what physically turns off the elements used in stoves. If the stove is turned off the element switch is turned on to reduce and control the temperature.

Universal Element Kit

We provide you with the full stove element kit which includes coils, screws, igniters and switches.

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