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Same Day Repairs in Hamilton, Ontario

We Work Around The Clock To Serve Our Customers

We work with the best appliance repair teams in your area. Our customers come first, which means we will be respectful and professional when working with you.

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Which Appliance Are You Thinking Of Getting Fixed?

  • Refrigerator

  • washer

  • dishwasher

  • dryer

  • oven

  • stove

Refrigerator Repairs

A broken fridge or freezer is also spoiled food. The longer you wait the worse your food will get and the more money you've just lost. Since we provide same day refrigerator repairs we can help you as soon as possible because we understand the pain of a broken refrigerator.

Having Issues With Your Fridge & Freezer, Let Us Help

If you have a broken fridge or freezer thats causing you problems, we can help. See which problem you can most relate with.

  • Temperature keeps changing.
  • When I open the fridge the light doesn't turn on.
  • I heard weird noises during the cooling cycle
  • There's this weird bacterial smell coming.
  • My water dispensary or ice maker doesn't work
  • There's too much ice buildup.
  • My fridge and/or freezers power doesn't work.

Fridge & Freezer Repair Parts Needed

We don't just screw a couple bolts in, we have to replace your appliance parts with new ones to get your fridge working again.

  • Air Filter
  • Water Filter
  • Deodorizer
  • Ice Maker Assembly
  • Snap Retaining Ring
  • Evaporator Fan Motor

Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton is composed of Stoney Creek and stretches all the way to Burlington to Cambridge.

Our Process To Fulfilling Your Needs

We deliver parts to directly to your home when you visit our partners appliance parts website. We only choose to work with the best online stores to provide you quality parts that will solve your repair needs.


Step 1: Have An Idea Of Your Challenge

What type of issues are you having with your appliance. Is it urgent or is it something that can be done within a few days. Let us know so we can best help you.


Step 2: Be Detailed When Filling Out The Form

The more information we have the better prepared we will be when visiting your home or when providing suggestions on the phone.


Step 3: Expect Our Call Within 24-48 Hrs

During our appointment we will ask you specific questions to help fix your appliances, and come prepared with tools and parts to fix it as fast as we can to save on your costs.


Step 4: Lets Find A Time That Will Work For You

When it is most convenient for you and depending on our teams availability we will arrive at your home. We work weekends as well so don't feel the need to rush home from work.


Step 5: Ensure Your Appliance Issue Is Solved!

While we are fixing your appliance, we will educate you on what went wrong and some strategies to help maintain your appliance to help it last longer. We understand how expensive appliances can be and so we are always here to help.

All methods of payment can be accepted through credit card, check or e-transfer on the same day.

Why Homeowners Choose Us For Repairs?

Safety & Precaution

We are always safe and take precautions measures to ensure we do not damage your appliance in anyway or cause ourselves harm. If we feel a job is to dangerous we will take further measures to ensure we solve your issue while keeping our team and your home out of danger.


We can empathize with the costs and the challenges associated with appliance services. Which we why we are always transparent and fair towards our clients. We've dealt with issues with our own appliances, and so we know how it can feel when you need something repaired urgently.

What Are Some Common Questions We Get From Hamilton Homeowners?

We get a lot of questions from homeowners, and after having dealt with many repairs and installations in Hamilton alone we decided to note down some common and major issues to help give you some ideas.

Repairing your appliances on your own isn't easy, but by giving you some answers to these common questions it might help guide you in the right direction for how you should approach certain appliance challenges. With that being said, lets dig right into it.

How Expensive Are Appliance Repairs And Can I Do It On My Own?

Appliance repair are not cheap, and anyone who tells you they are is either not doing the most quality job or is trying to get their foot in the door. With the cost of traveling, having to purchase new appliance parts and the cost per hour. It eventually starts to add up.

The best way to mitigate the cost of these repairs is educate yourself by watching appliance videos, learning which parts to purchase, and determining the best solution for your challenge. If you can do these 2 tips, you will have a upper hand when dealing with any repair service regardless of the technology.

With that being said, lets go through some approximate ranges of each type of major appliance.

  • Refrigerators & Freezers: $150 to $600
  • Laundry Machines: $100 to $550
  • Range (Oven/Stove): $100 to $300
  • Dishwasher: $100 to $450

Now of course this is going to depend on challenge you are facing, if new parts are needed, and how much they charge per hour. Generally you will see repairmen charge between $50 to $150/hour.

Why does my refrigerator and/or freezer keep building up with ice?

The main reason your refrigerator and/or freezer is building up with a lot of ice is because of the following. You leave your refrigerator door open for to long, your thermostat is turned to the coldest temperature, and because you leave to much hot or food plates with a lot of moisture.

Now you might be wondering how these simply habits are causing to much ice to build up, but it's actually quite simple. Moisture is all around us, and when this moisture from the air or from warm foods enter our fridge or freezer it freezes, eventually building up a lot of ice crystals.

There are a lot of video tutorials on how to remove excess ice from your refrigerator, and by simply emptying out your fridge and using a fan or heater to melt the ice is the only way. Check out this video to see a professional demonstrate how this is done.

My Dishwasher Is Leaking And I'm Not Sure What To Do!

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My Washer And/Or Dryers Control Panel Doesn't Work

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