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Convection Oven vs. Regular Oven Bake

True Convection Oven Bake – Pros & Cons What is a conventional oven? While a traditional oven will heat up the air inside using thermal energy, a conventional oven does the exact same thing, except it uses fans to properly circulate the air. Pros Your food is evenly cooked. Their is an even distribution of […]

How To Change A Samsung Water Filter?

Samsung Water Filter Installation Step #1: Locate Your Water Shut-off Valve Regardless of which water filter you have for your Samsung refrigerator, the installation process is the same. The first step we want to take is to temporarily turn of your water supply for your refrigerator. Your refrigerators water line which is connected to your […]

How To Replace A Dishwasher? (Remove & Install)

Dishwasher Replacement Tools Screw Drivers (-,+) Pliers & Wrench Bucket & Towel How To Remove Your Dishwasher? Step #1: Turn Off The Power Turn off your electrical power: We want you to remove your dishwasher safely, so the first thing you need to do is visit your circuit breaker and switch off any power that leads […]

Reducing Your Energy Bill Using Kitchen Appliances

Reducing Your Energy Consumption Reducing your home energy costs is not as difficult as it may seem. We are all sold on new ways to save on costs as a fight against energy companies, through alternatives like solar, LED lighting, new energy efficient computers and TV’s, attic insulation, HVAC and so much more. But what […]

Kitchen Essentials You Must Have

Why It Is Essential That You Have These Items  Having the best essential items for your kitchen enhances your overall experience. Everything from cooking meals to cleaning your appliances, these essentials are recommended based on our experience, and recommendations we’ve received from our customers and partners. I have broken down this article into 4 sections; […]

Microwave Tray Stopped Spinning

Which Microwave Turntable Parts Do I Need? Microwave Tray Coupler Microwave Cooking Tray Microwave Turntable Motor How To Repair A Microwave Tray? Reason #1: Glass Tray Support Lets start of with the most basic reason for why your microwave is not spinning. Is there a problem with your tray support? If its bent or broken […]