How To Change A Samsung Water Filter?

Samsung refrigerator with water filter

Samsung Water Filter Installation

Step #1: Locate Your Water Shut-off Valve

Regardless of which water filter you have for your Samsung refrigerator, the installation process is the same. The first step we want to take is to temporarily turn of your water supply for your refrigerator.

Your refrigerators water line which is connected to your shut-off valve is generally seen underneath your sink cub-bards or in the basement of your home.

Removing Your Current Water Filter

Step #2: Where Is Your Filter Located?

After you’ve shut off your water valve, we need to remove your current water filter. This is a fairly easy process, and all it requires is for you to locate your water filter.

Your water filter will be located in the above 3 spots if you have a Samsung refrigerator. Depending on where your water filter is located will play a key role as to which Samsung water filter you will need.

Middle Center

Top Right

Bottom Right

Once you’ve located the water filters location, we need to now install your new filter.

But Wait, Which Water Filter Do You Install?

Before your purchase your Samsung water filter, you will need to ensure the right one is bought or it won’t fit or properly install in your refrigerator.

Below I have included 4 types of Samsung refrigerator types to help ensure the right one is purchased and installed. Keep reading, and we will show you which water filter you need.

Step #3: Which Samsung Fridge Do You Have?

Samsung French 3-Door

French 3-Door

Samsung French 4-Door

French 4-Door

Samsung Side-by-Side 4-Door

Side-by-Side 4-Door

Samsung Side-by-Side


Once you have identified the Samsung refrigerator which you have, lets find out which one you need. Based on this we can help you determine which water filter would fit your refrigerator.

Step #4: Which Water Should I be Installing?

Now that you have identified your refrigerator style type and the location of your water filter, lets see which one you need to install.

Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter HAF-CIN

  • French 3-Door | Middle-Center
  • French 3-Door | Middle-Center
  • Side 4-Door | Bottom-Right
  • Side-by-Side | Middle-Center

Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter HAFCU1

  • French 3-Door | Top-Right
  • Side 4-Door | Top-Right
  • French 4-Door | Top-Right
  • Side-by-Side | Top-Right

Step #5: How To Install Your Samsung Water Filter?

Twist and turn your water filter counter-clockwise to ensure it is removed properly. Once it is removed move onto step #3 to see how we can install your brand new filter.

Twist and turn your water filter counter-clockwise to remove it.

Installing your new Samsung water filter will take you less than 5 minutes.

Just like how you removed the water filter, place it in and turn it clock-wise until you feel it cannot be turned anymore.

Remember to turn on your water shut-off valve!

Now before your start running your new refrigerator water filter, you will want to rinse it up to 2 gallons of water to remove any residue still left.

Once this is complete you are ready to start drinking!

Samsung Water Filter Replacement Video

How to replace a water filter?

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