Are Induction Ranges Better Than Gas And Electric?

Induction range, electric, and gas

What Is An Induction Range?

Although the induction range has been around for a number of years, you don’t normally hear it come up in the conversation of “should I buy an electric or dryer stove?”. An induction range is not as popular but with surprise is something you should consider if you are looking for a reliable and affordable stove and oven. 

Difference Between Induction, Gas & Electric Range?

The primary difference between an induction range and a electric or gas range is the distribution of heat when you are cooking your food. See when you cook food on the pan on a induction cook top the sides of the cook top do not heat up, only the pan. This saves you on your energy consumption by quite a lot. Now overtime this will help you save on money and time.

Lets breath them down in their differences for both cook tops and ovens.

An induction cook top  is said to be “60% more energy efficient than a typical gas stove top and 40% more efficient than a electric stove top” (Find reference).

Induction RangeGas RangeElectric Range
Consumes less energyNatural gas is cheaperDoesn’t spread heat
Even oven heat spreadEasy to turn off gas stoveEasier to control heat
No pre-heat neededDoesn’t take time to heatMore efficient than gas
More costlyMore difficult to cleanWill generally cost more
Need ferrous cookwareA greater safety hazardHigher energy costs
Easier to dent cooktopsFear of gas leakagesLess durable and tough

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