Microwave Tray Stopped Spinning

Microwave tray

Which Microwave Turntable Parts Do I Need?

How To Repair A Microwave Tray?

Reason #1: Glass Tray Support

Lets start of with the most basic reason for why your microwave is not spinning.

Is there a problem with your tray support? If its bent or broken this will need to be replaced.

Reason #2: Malfunctioned Control Panel

If your touch-pad or control panel is the issue, this would require some expertise.

If you are trying to start the microwave and nothings working, hiring a repairman to replace your control panel is the best solution.

Reason #3: Defective Turntable Motor

There is normally a problem with the microwaves turntable ability to spin due to a defective turntable motor.

The only way to check if this is faulty is through a voltage reader that is used to detect voltage coming from the motor.

If negative reading, this will need to be replaced, but if positive then this isn’t the issue. If this isn’t the issue and we will have to move onto the last reason which is tray drive coupling.

Reason #4: Tray Drive Coupling

The tray drive coupling is underneath the glass tray in the very center. Usually you will see 3 pins like in the image seen below. If you notice this piece is broken or needs to be twisted for a better fit please replace this.

Microwave Replacement Video Tutorial

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