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Natural Appliance Cleaning Solutions

Why Is It Beneficial To Use Natural Cleaners?

With so many detergents and soaps used to clean your appliances from the inside and out, one struggle we all have is whether a cleaning product is actually natural or not. They all seem to use the same labels.

A lot of cleaning products claim to be natural, but what does that really mean and how does it lead into our topic today which is natural alternatives to cleaning your appliances.

Cleaning products contain what is known as Endocrine Disruptors which are chemicals which disrupt hormones in your body such as testosterone and estrogen. The chemicals found in cleaning products which are known to disrupt hormones are Paraben, Phthalates, Triclosan, Ammonia and many others.

A lot of these chemicals affect the way your body absorbs, functions, forms and transfers hormones. One of the most important hormones, testosterone is on a huge decline because of endocrine disruptors.

Now although there are many real natural products, what I am going to reveal to you today is natural detergent and cleaning solutions specifically for your kitchen, floors and appliances. These are great alternatives whether you are in a rush, have no other cleaning solutions, or simply want to save money.

7 Home Solutions To Cleaning Your Appliances

Alternative #1: Vinegar

Vinegar is considered a food product which is filled with water and acetic acid. Normally used during cooking to add a more acidic flavor, many don’t know what vinegar can really be an amazing solution when it comes to cleaning your appliances.

Because vinegar contains acetic acid (weak acid) it can easily kill food stains found in dishwashers, counter-tops and cooktops, it is less harmful to your health because of its natural properties. Unlike many cleaning solutions which cause hormonal disruption, vinegar acts just as strong and if absorbed through your skin will not harm you.

The best way to use vinegar is by placing it into a spray bottle, adding some lemon to mask the strong smell and start cleaning away with a sponge. If you are planning on using vinegar in your washer, the only thing I would be careful about is the strong smell you may get on your clothes, which people might comment on.

Alternative #2: Baking Soda

Just like vinegar, baking soda is a food additive which generates carbon dioxide during baking. Now while many of us might not use baking soda, it you found some in your fridge or if you are stopping by the grocery store this can act as an amazing cleaning agent.

Baking soda has many uses other than cleaning hard to remove stains. It neutralizes bad odors in your refrigerator that are caused from food spoilage. It interacts with these poor odors by interacting with it and removing it from your fridge. If you see food stains place baking soda in a spray bottle with water and start cleaning your fridge to remove bacteria you might not see.

While you can use it in a refrigerator, it also works well in dishwashers that also tend to build up a lot of nasty smells and odors.

Alternative #3: Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil and other oils such as olive oil can acts as great ways to add a layer of smooth counter-tops and cooking-tops. This layer of polish can collect dust and residue more easily from stainless steel appliances and glass tops.

Because vegetable oil is very concentrated there is no need to use too much of it, and would not recommend adding it to a spray bottle. The best thing to do is take a small spoon and place it on a paper towel and start whipping away.

Alternative #4: Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is used in perfect combinations with baking soda and vinegar, as it can mask these strong smells. While by itself if you mix it with water it can add as a extra layer of quoting in any appliance such as refrigerator, stove, oven and dishwashers.

Because lemon juice contains citric acid, this acid solution works similar to acetic acid found in vinegar, and can remove tough stains and add a more vibrant smell.

Alternative #5: Baby Wash

A lot of the soaps and detergents we use to clean our bodies in the shower contain toxins known as ‘endocrine disruptors’. Not with many baby products being more natural and less harmful as they must go through healthcare approval, can also act as a cleaning solution to remove bacteria, dust, and oils from your kitchen appliances.

This is also an amazing solution to add a smell that is more appealing than vinegar and baking soda, and definitely gets the job done just like cleaning your baby.

Alternative #6: Tooth Paste

We use tooth paste and a tooth brush to clean plaque found in our gums, why can’t we use it for other things? Tooth paste contains fluoride which is a chemical element used to kill bacteria and germs. If you have a bad smell coming from your refrigerator or dishwasher, this can work perfectly for you.

Mix the tooth paste with some water to break it down, and use an old tooth brush to clean hard to reach stains and areas with bacteria and germs.

Alternative #7: Liquor Drinks

With a lot of solutions that we use to clean our appliances, many of them contains alcohol. What also contains alcohol… is ‘liqour! Liquor is a great solution to cleaning your appliances, and I would recommend adding vinegar to the solution to give a more ‘citricy’ smell.

I would use clear liquor bottles such as vodka so you don’t leave any stains which may come from other alcohol beverages.

Be Careful Of Any “Natural” Or “Green” Products

To end things off today, I want you to take note with anything that claims to be “natural” or “green”. These can sometimes be the worst for the environment and have more harsh chemicals. 

Thank you again for reading this, and I hope you leave your comments to let us know your thoughts on other endocrine disruptors and natural cleaning alternatives.

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