Refrigerator Mistakes To Avoid

Making a mistake

Mistakes We Suggest Homeowners Avoid

We get a lot of calls from homeowners about their refrigerator problems, and 7/10 its an issue that could had been prevented if they understood a few of these tips we are about to reveal to you. 

We’ve seen refrigerator mistakes like; my fridge is leaking, freezer builds to much ice, fridge smells with bad odor, fridge is leaking inside, refrigerator is making noise, the fridge is not cold anymore, my thermostat is broken, and much more. Although some of these problems happen by nature when a refrigerator gets old, or it was poorly produced, there are several of these problems that can help be avoided by taking our advice and tips.

So lets get started and take a look as some of these common mistakes homeowners make.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

Mistake #1: You Leave The Door Open

Leaving your door open even when you think its shut is a major reason your fridge doesn’t feel cold anymore. Sometimes there is a problem with your gasket/door seal which prevents your door from fully closing, or it leaves air pockets for cold air to escape. If you notice that your door isn’t fully closing, or there are temperature problems see if this is a problem.

Mistake #2: Don’t Play With The Temperature

With all the reasons a fridge is not cold enough, increasing the temperature using your thermostat is not the way to combat this. A lot of times your thermostat needs to be defrosted especially if near your freezer, and turning down your temperature can leave to your fridge feeling more like a freezer than a fridge.

Mistake #3: Packing Your Refrigerator Too Much

You might think stuffing your refrigerator won’t affect the way your fridge works, but packing your fridge is limiting the amount of air which circulates within your fridge. Get in the habit of leaving space between food items allowing it to breath and last longer. The less air circulation the faster the food may spoil.

Mistake #4: Clean Your Refrigerator

Cleaning your refrigerator isn’t just to prevent odors from building up, but its to prevent bacteria and fungis from growing that could spread on other foods. Because the refrigerator constantly circulates with cool air, this circulation can easily spread bacteria across foods causing it to go bad. 

A lot of times we see residue buildup around the gasket seals on a fridge door, and we start to see condensation buildup around it which could potentially add up as a leakage.

Mistake #5: Regular Maintenance

We get it, this is not something anyone is thinking about but if we can get in the habit of even doing a refrigeration maintenance check through a professional repairman, we can ensure that nothing goes wrong that could potentially be worse if not fixed. We usually wait till the problem becomes a real issue to then fix it.

Regularly check your refrigerator to see if everything is working properly, and if you want to be sure have a repairman audit your major appliances to see if you need to replace any parts because they’ve become old.

Mistake #5: Leaving In The Right Foods

Leaving in the right foods in your refrigerator can also be a good way to keep your fridge working. Just like with Mistake #3 where homeowners pack their fridges too much which can cause a decrease in proper air circulation, the same goes for the foods you put in your fridge. 

For example adding in a hot plate in the fridge can increase the temperature of your fridge causing all of your foods to spoil faster. Get in the habit of removing food that has gone spoiled as we want to minimize the amount of bacteria and fungi particles that spread throughout the fridge potentially affecting other open food items.

Where Can I Find Refrigerator Cooling Parts?

Refrigerator parts can easily be found online or at a local replacement retail store. A lot of times especially with refrigerator leakage repairs, you can replace it yourself by watching a few videos and knowing which parts to purchase. However if you don’t feel comfortable, do not worry. This is why professional serviceman exist to help you with your appliance needs.

Now whether you choose to purchase an appliance yourself, or you want to hire a appliance repairman, purchasing parts yourself can save quite a bit on upfront costs. Here are the parts you would want to look for for the listed examples above:

  1. Evaporator Tray
  2. Evaporator Tank
  3. Door Sealing
  4. Drain Hose

If you can’t find what you are looking for, try reaching out to your local appliance parts retail store.