How To Replace A Dishwasher? (Remove & Install)

Dishwasher Installation

Dishwasher Replacement Tools

  • Screw Drivers (-,+)
  • Pliers & Wrench
  • Bucket & Towel

How To Remove Your Dishwasher?

Step #1: Turn Off The Power

Turn off your electrical power: We want you to remove your dishwasher safely, so the first thing you need to do is visit your circuit breaker and switch off any power that leads to your dishwasher. If you are unsure, try your best and see if your dishwasher is completely shut off.

Turn off your water supply: The next step is to shut off the water supply which leads to your dishwasher. You can find this ‘turnable’ switch under the sink normally, or it can also be located in your basement.

Step #2: How To Remove Your Drain & Supply Hose?

Before we pull out the dishwasher, we will want to remove what we can. We will focus on removing the drain hose and leak out any water still remaining.

First locate the drain hose under the sink (usually a plastic hose) that leads to the dishwasher.

Using pliers take off the drain hose end attached to the sink keeping a bucket or towel underneath to collect any water that may come out.

In order to remove the opposite end of your drain hose, you will need to locate the panel seen at the bottom of your dishwasher. Locate the drain hose end, and remove it using pliers or a screw driver.

At the same time, locate the supply hose which is seen with a bolt around it. You can use the image below as an example.

Use pliers to loosen the bolt, and remove the supply hose. Once this is complete, we are ready to move onto step #3.

Step #3: Remove The Circuits, Screws, and Feet

The next thing is to disconnect the electrical power seen underneath the dishwasher. The first step here is to remove the panel (sometimes you can pop it open, sometimes you need a screw driver).

Locate the electrical panel, and remove the cover (Sometimes there is a warning sign over this cover). For safety it is best to test to see no electricity is passing through the electrical panel. Disconnect the wires which are usually held without a plastic cap.

Remove the screws seen underneath your counter-top holding the dishwasher in place.

Locate the leveling feet, and adjust them using a wrench so it pulls itself back up. This will make it easier to remove the dishwasher.

Step #4: Pull Out Your Dishwasher Carefully

Open up your dishwasher door and slightly pull out the dishwasher. Now don’t pull it out all the way, you will want to place a cardboard or towel underneath the front of the dishwasher so it doesn’t scratch the floor.

After that pull out the dishwasher.

Step #5: How To Sell Your Dishwasher?

Your dishwasher might be old or broken, but that doesn’t mean you can’t salvage the parts which still work or need a bit of cleaning.

There are a few things you can do during this situation, and one of them involves contacting your local appliance parts store, or call a metal scrap collector to see if any of the parts are valuable.

There is no fixed price you will receive as it seems to work based on negotiation and how well you are confident the parts can sell for a good price. You can look at used parts or similar parts online to see what the market is selling it for.

Worse case scenario if you want to simply get rid of it, you can pay a repair technician to take care of it.

If you want to learn more about selling your dishwasher, click here.

How To Install Your Dishwasher?

Step #1: Properly Connect The Hose

Before you push in the new dishwasher, you will want to connect the drain hose and supply hose. When you connect the supply hose make sure there is a gasket (rubber circle in the opening end of the supply hose) and screw in the cap end. With the drain hose, you will need to insert it and use pliers to tighten the clips.

Tilt your dishwasher over, and properly connect the water line with the supply hose, connect the power box, and drain line with the new drain hose.

Step #2: Disconnect The Drain Hose From The Sink 

Properly screw in your dishwasher with its panel, and on-top the bottom of your counter-top.

Step #3: Turn On Your Power Supply

Start up the water supply and electrical supply to run a short cycle. When we run this short cycle we will look for any leaks and any problems that the warranty covers.

Dishwasher Replacement Video

How to replace your dishwasher?

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