Why My Washer Isn’t Spinning

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My Washer Is Not Spinning! Lets Find Your Exact Issue

There’s To Many Clothes In Your Washer

This one is obvious, but a lot of times we overload our washer to save on money, time and detergent. If you are stuffing your washer you might want to run it in 2 separate cycles even though it might take you longer in the end. This will save you from potentially affecting your washer and having it run a thorough and proper cycle.

The Lid Is Jammed Or Doesn’t Close Properly

Is your door jammed or closing properly. A lot of times this will be noticeable when your washer won’t even start and fill the basket with water. If your door is properly closed and still not running, there might be a issue with your lid latch assembly and/or door lock. The lid latch assembly is used to seal and prevent water from spilling out, and the door lock is used to ensure you can’t open the door while the washer is running.

Washer Fills With Water But Doesn’t Spin

A broken washer drive belt a lot of times can be the main reason your washer is not spinning properly. If the washer drive belt is broken, the basket won’t be able to spin properly. One reason you may think your washer drive belt is broken it isn’t, is when you have a faulty clutch assembly. This allows the washer basket to spin along with the drive motor during its cycle.

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My Washers Control Buttons Don’t Work

If your buttons are not working, there is an issue with your circuit board. When it comes to electronics I would prefer if you hired a local repairman to fix this issue, but if you are looking to solve this issue yourself by purchasing the right parts I have provided you a solution.

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My Washer Is Spinning But Not Agitating

If you are noticing your washer is spinning but is not agitating properly, the reason for this is due to a faulty cam agitator or agitator dogs. Both the cam agitator and agitator dogs move along to keep the basket moving in a balanced fashion and keeps your clothes moving along with the spinning basket.

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Washer Lid Switch Is Broken Or Faulty

Check your washer lid assembly. The lid assembly signals the washer when it can enter a new wash cycle. So if you notice your washer spinning and randomly stopping, this could potentially be a reason for this.

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How To Fix Your Washers Spinning Issue?

If you’ve discovered the washer part which is causing you the issue, lets move on to how we can actually resolve these problems.

Does your Lid Jam Or Not Lock Properly?

If Your washer door does not close or lock properly, here’s how you an fix it. (Be sure to unplug all appliances before working with them)

The first step before doing anything is identifying if the issue is in the door release mechanism, or the door interlock.

Replacing The Door Interlock

Step 1: In order to replace the door interlock is removing the retaining band that holds the seal in place. The seal is the rubbery part which is used to prevent water from splashing out. 

Step 2: Now that the retaining band is removed, locate the interlock part of the door and open the seal part so you can reach the door interlock which is located behind the seal.

Step 3: Replace your old interlock with the new interlock once you have located it and pulled it out along with the wires connected to it. Connect the cords to the new interlock. If you are looking for a new washer interlock see if these selection may help.

Step 4: Place the new interlock in the same spot the old interlock was, and ensure to screw everything back in.

Step 5: Place the seal back to where it originally was, and reconnect the retaining band which was used to surround the seal.

Now that the interlock is replaced, lets see how we can replace the door release mechanism. (If your washer’s metal lid is located on the top of the machine, you will not have to proceed with replacing the door release mechanism.

Replacing The Door Release Mechanism

Step 1: Unscrew the door from the washer, this will make things a lot easier to deal with. Once you remove the door, we want to unscrew the actual screws in the door lid to get to the release mechanism. 

Step 2: Locate the release mechanism and replace it with a new one. Once completed, we will want to screw everything back in place.

And now you are done! If you are noticing the door is still not spinning it would be best advised to hire a repairman to locate where the issue is coming from to save you on cost and time.

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