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Washer Repairs

Don't let those clothes pile up and get stinky. Although a broken washer isn't the biggest nightmare, it definitely is something that needs to be done especially as our clothes pile up and we don't have anything left to wear. Below are some common issues and parts we will need to help you solve your washer challenge.

Common Washer Repairs We've Seen In Toronto

Why wait to wash your clothes as it piles up on your chair collecting dirt, when you could repair it within 48 hours. Our appliance repair men can solve your washer issue when you fill out the form, but first we need to understand your issue.

Here are a few issues we've experienced so far, let us know which one fits best.

  • My washer lid doesn't close or lock properly.
  • I hear weird noises coming from my washer as its running.
  • There's water leaking on the floor.
  • The buttons or knobs don't work or turn on.
  • Washer cycles finish to early.
  • Shakes to much when the cycle is running.

Common Washer Repair Parts We've Needed

Repairing your washer is not just a matter of making a few tweaks, most of the time its because a part has gone old or has gotten damaged.

Here are some major washer repair parts that you will need to solve your appliance challenges.

  • Drain Pump Motor
  • Pump & Drive Belt Kit
  • Drain Hose
  • Agitator Repair Kit
  • Knob Clip & Assembly
  • Washer Seal
  • Suspension Rod Kit
  • Clutch Assembly

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